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 Discover unknown secrets about your iPad and open up a world of new possibilities with these bite-sized secrets for your iPad!.

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Easily digestible tips and tricks that get straight to the point accompanied with gorgeous imagery. Extend your device’s functionality and become an iPad pro in no time!

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Continuously updated with fresh new tips, tricks and secrets for every new iOS software and iPad release!

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Includes foundation tips for complete beginners, as well as more advanced tips that will prove handy even for self-proclaimed experts. Download now and learn something new about your iPad today!

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Within minutes of reading this manual, I discovered two useful procedures which I was unaware of: how to do a screen shot and how to use emojis. I’m sure I’ll learn much more from this extremely user friendly app. Worth it’s weight in gold!



Never having experienced any Apple product previous to the iPad, I found the Tips very useful. I was able to learn the iPad much quicker than I would have on my own. I feel it was definitely worth the download. Thank you.