iPod Secrets

Get the best out of your iPod Touch with this complete collection of Tips, Tricks & Secrets!

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iPod SecretsApple App Store3.5

Discover the full potential of the iPod Touch with little-known secrets that will take your iPod Touch use to a whole new level! 

Over 220 bite-sized Secrets, Tips and Tricks!

This comprehensive collection of easy-to-read tips, tricks and secrets will allow you to easily and quickly transform your iPod into something special!

Always up-to-date!

Stay one step ahead with the latest tips, tricks and secrets for every new iOS software and iPod Touch release!

Great for both Beginners and Advanced Users!

Includes foundation tips for complete beginners, as well as more advanced tips that will prove handy even for self-proclaimed experts. Download now and learn something new about your iPod today!

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Find out why iPod Secrets has been downloaded and enjoyed by more than 1 Million Users worldwide!





This app is amazing, I never knew almost all of these secrets! I can do so much more with my iPod Touch! 



Great app worth the money. I learned lots of little tricks that are really useful so highly recommended!