What’s the Movie?

Guess the Movies using only 4 pictures!

4.5 stars on Apple App Store

What’s the Movie?Apple App Store4.5

Featuring hundreds of blockbuster movies from a number of different genres. How many will you recognise?

Over 650 Movies!

Do you know your movies as well as you think you do? Featuring hundreds of the biggest, hottest movies from a variety of different genres. What’s the Movie is an app made for movie-lovers, by the movie-lovers!

Plenty of Levels, Hours of Fun!

Can you guess the movies and unlock all the genres? Countless puzzles from the easy, famous films to the more difficult, lesser known ones!

Challenge your Movie Knowledge!

Hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts are playing What’s the Movie all over the world. Download now and see how far you can get…




One of my favourite guess the movie game apps – Highly recommended!



I really enjoy the game. I love movies so this is the perfect game for me!

Julie Bergquist