Word Search Challenge

Challenge your brain with this fun puzzle game!

5.0 stars on Apple App Store

Word Search ChallengeApple App Store5.0

Take the ultimate brain test with this fun word search game and try to find all the hidden words!

20 Categories!

From Movies, Cars, and People to Food, Science and a variety of different Sports! With 20 different categories  – you’ll never run out of puzzles with Word Search Challenge!

Never the Same!

A new puzzle is randomly generated every time so you can never get the same answers twice!

Complete Quests!

Find the words as quick as you can to unlock challenging quests and advance through the game! Download now and see how many you can find…




Such a good game, challenging, fun, so addictive and the categories are great too!



Theres much to play in this app, a whole bunch of new levels every time and nicely designed too thanks!