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LIFE SECRETS - the Ultimate Guide of Tips and Tricks to help you save Time and Money throughout Life! 

Life Secrets is a great collection of highly useful tips and tricks including:

- What to do if you oversalt food?
✓ Drop a potato or two into it - this absorbs the oversalt.

- How to boil a cracked egg?
✓ Add a dash of vinegar to the water.

- How to clean tarnished gold and silver?
✓ Rub with paste of water and baking soda, rinse and let dry.

- How to care for leather upholstery?
✓ Brush with skim milk every three months.

- How to destroy desire for nicotine?
✓ Take before breakfast, a half teaspoon of rochelle salts and cream of tartar.

- How to destroy desire for alcohol?
✓ Mix goldthread with gold seal in a tea - it creates a violent taste for alcohol.

These are some of the fantastic life secrets included in this great application. With over 190 secrets covering 7 categories, Life Secrets is the perfect app for anyone who wants to live a more productive and efficient life!


✓ Over 190 Tips and Tricks to Make your Life More Productive!

✓ 7 Different Categories including:
1) General
2) Home
3) Food
4) Health
5) Kitchen
6) Motoring
7) Clothing

REQUEST A SECRET FEATURE! -  Send us all your requests for any tips and tricks you would like to see in the app and we will try our best to include them in the upcoming update!

INCREDIBLE VALUE! - Be a more Productive Person for an incredible £0.69!

FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! - And with new secrets to appear free in future updates, Life Secrets is a must have app for any iPhone/iPod Touch user!

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