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TIPS, TRICKS & SECRETS FOR OS X LION - the Essential Guide to get the best out of the world's most advanced operating system!

✓ Many of OS X Lion's tricks and secrets revealed!

✓ Whether your an intense or casual user, "Tips, Tricks & Secrets for OS X Lion" will lead the

way to a better, more exciting and useful Mac experience!


Over 60 Tips, Tricks & Secrets including:

1) Learn the Best Navigation Secrets!
2) Discover How to Add a Signature to a PDF!
3) Learn How to Enable Emoji Support!
4) Learn How to Search Using File Types!
5) Master the New Keyboard Shortcuts!
6) Learn How to Create a Backup of OS X Lion & How to Re-Install it!
7) Uncover the Smart, Hidden Launchpad Tricks!
8) Master the Fastest Way to Add iCal Entries!
9) Find Out the Best, Easiest Way to Migrate from Windows to Mac!
10) Many New Desktop, Launchpad, Spotlight, Finder, Navigation, Dictionary, Keyboard and Application Tips, Tricks & Secrets Uncovered within the App!

and much more!

FAST, EASY SEARCHING! - Use the Search Feature to quickly and easily find the tips your looking for!

REQUEST A TIP FEATURE! - Send us all your requests for any tips and tricks you would like to see in the app and we will try our best to include them in the upcoming update!

INCREDIBLE VALUE! - Master OS X Lion for an incredible £0.69!

FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! - And with new secrets to appear free in future updates, Tips, Tricks & Secrets for OS X Lion is a must have for any Mac OS X Lion user!

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