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➤ The Essential iPhone Companion!                                                     

➤ Many of the iPhone's tricks revealed!

➤ Whether your an intense or casual user, Secrets for iPhone will lead

the way to a better, more exciting and useful iPhone experience!

➤ Completely updated for the all-new iOS 6 software update!



➤ Over 175 Tips and Tricks including:

1) Take Better, Sharper Photos and Edit them with Ease!
2) Many Ways to Save Battery Life!
3) Make Restaurant Reservations with Siri!
4) Add Speed Dial to your Home Screen!
5) Avoid Cancelled Syncs With iTunes!
6) Learn How to Delete Single Calls from your Call Log & Individual Songs from your Music App!
7) Master Keyboard Secrets!
8) Super Fast Web Browsing!
9) Attachment Save Trick!
10) Learn How to Add Auto-Text Shortcuts!
11) Access your Draft Emails Faster!
12) How to Use Text Formatting in Mail!
13) Discover Secret iPhone Codes!
14) Learn How to Enable Custom Alerts and Custom Vibration Alerts!
15) Make Your iPhone Theft-Proof!
16) Enable the New Emoji Keyboard
17) Check Movie Times and Movie Reviews using Siri!
18) Set a Song as an Alarm!
19) Enable Dial Assist!
20) Discover Many Money, Time and Battery Saving Tips and Tricks!

and much more!

➤ UNIVERSAL APP - Now runs on all iOS Devices - iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!

➤ NEW SWIPING FEATURE - Swipe to turn the page just like a real book!

➤ ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE! - Includes many new tips and tricks for the all new iOS 6!

➤ SHARE A TIP - Share any tip via email, Facebook or Twitter with a simple tap!

➤ REQUEST A TIP FEATURE! - Send us all your requests for any tips and tricks you would like to see in the app and we will try our best to include it in the upcoming update!

➤ INCREDIBLE VALUE! - Master your iPhone for an incredible £0.69!

➤ FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! - And with new secrets to appear free in future updates, Secrets for iPhone is a must have for any iPhone user!

➤ OVER 350,000 COPIES SOLD! - Join the hundreds of thousands who have already downloaded Secrets for iPhone and use your iPhone to its full capacity!


 ✓  "5/5 - A must have for newbies" - Australia
✓  "5/5 - Great App! - This really is good and helps a lot as iPhone can be annoying. But not anymore thank you for all your tips you have saved my battery and saved me from pulling my hair out with the training your phone to spell what you want. Keep up the good work" - UK
✓  "5/5 - Loonie well spent ;) - I figured if I could learn one thing that would make my phone handier it would be worth a dollar, less a penny. I actually learned a number of things. Thanks" - Canada
  "5/5 - A+++ - Very usefull application! Thank you very much!!" - UK
✓  "5/5 - Useful! - Really useful tips!" - Denmark
✓  "5/5 - Quality info for a bargain price! - Love the tips and tricks - very helpful and learnt so much - keep them coming!!" - UK
✓  "5/5 - Worth to buy - Good app with latest update, keep it up" - Malaysia
✓  "5/5 - Thank you - Very useful, now I can have more than 11pgs, and can get the best out of iPhone" - UK
✓  "5/5 - 59p very well spent - Amazed to find all these incredibly useful features that I'd never noticed before! Thank you for such a useful app!!" - UK
✓  "5/5 - V V good - This app is a must have 4 under a pound!!" - UK
✓  "5/5 - Great app! - This is cool, stuff I always wondered how to do but didnt know. Personal favs are How to go straight to the top of a text message thread and Caps lock" - UK
✓  "5/5 - A+++ - For those iPhone enthusiasts, this is a must have!!!" - UK
✓  "4/5 - Cheap enough and learnt some new features! - I have learned several extremely useful snippets from this program that have saved me a lot of grief. Tips on battery saving were especially useful. I'm happy that I got value for my 59 pence!" - UK
✓  "4/5 - Awesome! - Really cool app! I thought I knew everything about the iphone until I got this app! Love the "send suggestion" feature.. you can send a suggestion right from your phone.. Alot of cool tips!" – USA
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